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Big Bear Pet Company, Inc is a small, local, privately held company in Colorado that still believes in the highest quality products and providing excellent customer service to both our two legged and four legged customers.

HOO-RAW!™ was created with a desire to feed dogs and cats a natural, highly digestible diet using primarily whole muscle meat along with organ meat, and montmorillonite clay to mimic what your pet would eat if living in the wild. 

Our meat patties if fed alone follow the prey model diet. For dog owners wanting to add vegetables to their pet's diet we offer our Auntie's Pet Kitchen brand dehydrated vegetable, and fruit and vegetable blends for your convenience. All of our dehydrated products are of the highest quality. They are GMO free, certified Kosher, and are number one human quality food.

The meat for our patties is all locally sourced, grass fed, with no added hormones or antibiotics. HOO-RAW! is produced in a USDA facility so ALL the ingredients in our patties are human edible and of the highest quality. Because we choose to process in a USDA facility our ingredients are not only human edible, we are manufactured to human standards of production. We are processed during inspection hours.

We are more expensive than some of our competitors, however we use only whole muscle meat for our patties, not pre-ground meat, not mechanically separated meat, and of course NO denatured meat. Our pets eat HOO-RAW! every day, so it is just as important to our family what goes into this product as it is yours.

Please spend some time on our site getting to know more about our products, and our company.  If you need any further information, have comments or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

HOO-RAW! is the raw pet food brand of Big Bear Pet Company, Inc.

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