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HOO-RAW! Raw Frozen Cat Food


Ingredients:  Beef, beef hearts, beef liver, beef bone dust, dried egg, pumpkin, beef kidney, parsley.

Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein (min) 17.5%

                                    Crude Fat (min)  8.5%

                                    Crude Fiber (max)  1.5%

                                    Moisture (max)  73%

                                    Ash (max) 3%

Ca:P Ratio   1:1


Turkey, chicken trim with bone, chicken liver, chicken heart, dried egg, pumpkin, chicken gizzard, parsley.

Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein (min)  15%

                                    Crude Fat (min)  8%

                                    Crude Fiber (max) 1.5%

                                    Moisture (max) 77%

                                    Ash (max) 2.5%

Ca:P Ratio  1.28:1

*All the meat in our HOO-RAW! raw frozen cat food is sourced from USDA facilities and is USDA inspected.

*HOO-RAW! cat food is packaged in both 8 and 20 oz resealable, recyclable tubs.

*We recommend feeding your adult cat 2 - 2.5% of your cat's ideal weight if feeding only raw.  For a 10 pound cat fed twice daily that would equal 1.0 - 2.5 ounces each feeding.  These are intended as guidelines.  Age, condition, activity level, and health are important to consider. 

*Introducing a raw diet:

Cats seem to have the worst reputation for feeding.  Either the cat is finicky, picky, or spoiled because it won't eat what you put down. Because cats are smart they do present challenges when introducing a raw diet. Much of how you introduce a raw diet depends on where you are starting with your cat. Dry only, combination of canned and dry, or canned only. Dry only is quite often the toughest "sell" since you are introducing a new smell and new texture, and unfortunately with some of the spray on fats and flavor enhancers, cats do not recognize raw food as real food!  We have had the best luck with this progression.

Dry only – introduce canned food first; get your cat used to the idea of wet, textured food. Introduce wet food on a twice/day feeding schedule. When your cat accepts canned food and seems to eat it consistently, mix a small amount of raw in with the canned to introduce the new smell. It will be easier to gradually decrease the canned and dry food and increase the raw if you are tying to switch to a raw only diet. We usually recommend taking away the dry food first - continue to feed canned and raw, then if your cat is consistently eating it is then possible to take away the canned food and feed only raw.

Combination of canned and dry – again mix a small amount of raw food into canned food to introduce the new smell. As your cat accepts the new canned/raw combination then you can gradually increase the raw and decrease the canned and dry. Again as above take the dry away first and continue with canned and raw, then take away canned as your cat is eating consistently.

Canned only – if your cat is eating only canned food fed twice per day then try introducing raw. Mix raw in with the wet food or place a small amount beside the wet food to introduce the new smell and texture.

Regardless of where you are starting, don't be surprise if it takes several attempts to get your cat interested in trying the food. Persistence pays off!!  Many cats that have been fed dry diets for prolonged periods actually have trouble recognizing a raw food diet as food. With patience and repeated attempts most cats will show interest.


Big Bear Pet Company has added a new product that is a totally new idea to feeding or transitioning your cat to raw!!!   We have created KatManFood, which is a gently cooked, fresh, frozen food for cats.  Our intention was to help with the transition process.  Since cats can be quite difficult it is a great in between step from dry or canned to raw.  We continue to hold ourselves to the same high standards and use only human edible ingredients in our food.  KatManFood can also be fed as a stand alone diet if your cat is either of an age, or health condition that is can not tolerate raw.  For more information about

KatManFood - click here.