HOO-RAW!  Raw Frozen Patties for Dogs


Ingredients:  Beef, beef hearts, ground beef bone, beef kidney, beef liver, montmorillonite clay.

Calories:  65 cal/oz

Ca:P Ratio:   1.53:1


Ingredients:  Bison, bison hearts, ground bison bone, bison kidneys, bison liver, montmorillonite clay.

Calories:  60 cal/oz

Ca:P Ratio:   1.4:1


Ingredients:  Lamb, lamb hearts, ground lamb bone, lamb kidneys, lamb liver, montmorillonite clay.

Calories:  55 cal/oz

Ca:P Ratio:  1.4:1

*Our dog foods come in 6# packages.  We have (12) 8oz patties total.  Two patties vacuumed packed together

per sleeve.  The vacuum packaging helps maintain freshness and eliminates the formation of ice build up.

*Our meat is all natural, grass fed, with no added hormones or antibiotics from local Colorado sources. 

*Over 60% of our patty is whole muscle meat that we grind.  We do not use mechanically separated meat,  

  pre-ground meat, or denatured meat. 

*NO HPP  (High Pressure Pasteurization).

*The montmorillonite clay we use has been tested for heavy metal toxins and is human quality clay.  More  

  information can be found here:   http://www.bigbearpet.com

*Patties can be fed alone as part of a prey model diet, or combined with our Auntie's Dehydrated blends in an

  80/20 ratio of meat to veggies for a more complete and balanced diet.

*We offer three different protein sources and four different vegetable and fruit and vegetable blends for dogs

  for easy rotation.

*To introduce a raw diet to your dog we suggest mixing a small amount of raw food with whatever your dog is

  currently eating for 1-2 weeks for minimal gastric upset. Over time gradually increase the raw food and 

  decrease the canned or kibble diet.

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